About Diamond Vent Screen®

As you know, neighborhood wildlife can be fun to watch from the comfort of a living room, deck, or kitchen window. But when birds, squirrels, chipmunks, bats and other animals start inviting themselves into your customer’s home, that’s where their hospitality needs to end. These animals often seek a warm nest in furnace and water heater exhaust vents, not only causing a mess, but a costly service call too.

Our patent-pending Diamond Vent Screens are specially designed from robust, long lasting ABS plastic to let these varmints know homeowners aren’t interested in having them over for a visit. Designed with furnace and water heater exhaust pipes in mind, our screens keep birds, squirrels, chipmunks where they belong – outside.






I am so glad to have found Diamond Vent Screen! I have had problems overs the years with varmints getting in my furnace exhaust. Now that I have the vent screen installed I have not had any problems. I would highly recommend Diamond Vent Screen to any homeowner or installer.

— Mark, homeowner